Monday Morning Byte

Summer Cleaning

It’s nearly July already! That’s hard to believe. Time flies… and so has the time since your computer was last cleaned out. I’m not talking just the cleaning of various files and folders to keep things tidy. No, I’m talking about the interior and exterior of your computer in the physical world. Dust build up

Domain Name Scams

A couple months ago I received a spam email claiming there’s another “company” who wishes to claim my yorkcs brand name and some domain names. Here’s the first email: At this point, I actually thought they might try to take the yorkcs.net, yorkcs.org, etc. domain names. I followed up with the following email: The next

Watch out for Bitcoin Blackmail Scams

So today I came across an email in my spam… This email was sent to me at 12:29am. Here is a screenshot of the email I received: These alleged claims are obviously completely made up by the sender in an attempt to blackmail me for Bitcoin. If you receive an email or letter with wild

Windows 7 end of support is approaching

Unfortunately, extended support for Windows 7 will be ending in January of 2020. Mainstream support for the operating system has already ended in early 2015. Microsoft pushed out an update that will start showing frequent updates reminding users to upgrade to Windows 10. While annoying, I don’t necessarily think this is a really bad thing.