Linux Terminal Basics – Installing and Removing Packages

Hey there! In this guide, we will be taking a look at how to install and remove packages via the terminal! To begin, let’s start by opening the terminal. I have covered how to open the terminal in the last couple parts of this series. If you haven’t read them, I would recommend checking out

Linux Terminal Basics – Navigating the File System

In this guide, we will be taking a look at how to navigate the file system with the Linux terminal. I would say this is probably the next most important task for beginners to perform, as it will be quite useful. To begin, let’s open up a terminal. If you don’t know how to open

Linux Terminal Basics – Updating and Upgrading

This is the beginning of a series where I cover the basics of using the terminal in Debian/Ubuntu based distributions. Chances are, if you’re using another distribution that isn’t based of Debian (or Ubuntu), you already know these basic commands. The goal of this series of tutorials is to start you on your journey of

Build a Space Shooter with MonoGame – 3

Now, we know every game worth it’s money has a game state system of some sort.  I mean this as in, most games have a main menu, a play state, and a game over state.  Something like that. We will have to build this sort of system. For this, we will be utilizing the enum

Build a Space Shooter with MonoGame – 5

The last two classes we’ll add will be devoted to the scrolling background system.  Create a new class, and name it ScrollingBackground.cs.  This class does not need to inherit anything.  It will still need the two usual using statements.  We will want to add two fields containing background textures and layers: The step is to

Creating Buttons with CSS: Volume 1

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create buttons via styling them with CSS. If you don’t have a solid foundation with HTML and CSS, I would highly recommended checking out our free Beginners Blocks courses in our store. The buttons below are what I will help you learn how to create: Let’s dive

Creating Full Width Sections

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create sections on a website than span the width of the screen. The cool thing about it is the margins are maintained. It is recommended you have solid knowledge of HTML and CSS before continuing. We Here is an example of what we should see by the

Using TrueType Fonts with MonoGame

Today I was reading up on how to load TrueType fonts into MonoGame (version 3.7.1), but couldn’t get the TTF file to build with the MonoGame Pipeline Tool. In this tutorial, I will be covering my slight workaround in order to load TTF fonts into MonoGame. First, create a new MonoGame project if you haven’t

Watch out for Bitcoin Blackmail Scams

So today I came across an email in my spam… This email was sent to me at 12:29am. Here is a screenshot of the email I received: These alleged claims are obviously completely made up by the sender in an attempt to blackmail me for Bitcoin. If you receive an email or letter with wild

Build a Space Shooter with Phaser 3 – 5

In the last part of this course, “Build a Space Shooter with Phaser 3”, we have added the bulk of our code for our space shooter. We have covered adding enemies, player lasers, enemy lasers, frustum culling, and collisions in the last part. There are a few things we will finish up in this part