Build Arcade Games with Phaser 3: Saucer Invaders


This course covers the fundamentals of HTML5 game development!  This course utilizes the Phaser 3 framework.


This course covers how to build a game similar to the arcade classic, Space Invaders!  It’s highly recommended you have basic to intermediate knowledge of JavaScript before starting this course.  If not, no worries!  I have published another free course, “JavaScript Beginner Blocks“, which will bring you up to speed!

This course covers the fundamentals of Phaser 3. Concepts include:

  • Using ES6 syntax with Phaser 3
  • Changing scenes
  • Using particles
  • Creating text
  • Creating buttons (interactive sprites)
  • Angle calculations regarding moving toward an object
  • And more!

A demo of this course can be found here.

This course is free for the purposes of sharing that our other courses are of similar quality.


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