Custom Computers

Installing a processor for a client computer

We build custom computers that are made with your intentions as first priority. We with customers to gather their use case, then we recommend a part list that would best match what the computer will be used for. From residential desktop computers to a network of desktop computers for small businesses, York Computer Solutions LLC can craft a solution just for you.

York Computer Solutions LLC charges a $125 labor fee to build the computer and it is up to the customer to buy the parts. Any parts the customer sends that we do not endorse we cannot and will not take responsibility for system performance.

Why choose us?

  • We offer free consultations to discuss your use case and parts
  • We build custom, reliable desktop computers built specifically for our customers’ use cases
  • We do not sell parts, so there is nothing for us to gain from recommending parts
  • We offer top of the line support

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