Staging Upseller

Are you a web designer or run a web agency?

Staging Upseller is a free plugin that enables you to upsell your services directly from the login page of your staging sites.

(Thanks to Ryan Golgosky for sharing the original concept in The Admin Bar Facebook group.  My goal is to make the process easier for everyone.)

Please check back occasionally for the latest update.

Explore the powerful features Staging Upseller provides…

The Ad Area

Create an ad with your favorite page builder on your business’s website.

Staging Upseller enables you to display your ad in an ad area.  An ad area is simply an area on the login page where an iframe displays your ad.

The iframe approach is convenient because you can design and update your ad over time, and your changes are applied to all of your staging sites.

Highly Customizable Login Form & Sidebar

The language and URLs in the login form and sidebar can be customized.

The page body and sidebar color can also be changed to help enhance the appearance of your staging login page.  

Layout Configurations

The layout of the login page is based upon a 3×3 grid.  Mix and match ad areas and place them where you wish.

There are up to eight ad areas you can utilize.

Adjacent layout cells with the same ad area are grouped together.

There are a few quick configurations provided to quickly use common layouts.

Easily Edit Ad Areas

It’s easy to edit each ad area.

The following properties can be set:

  • iframe URL
  • Whether or not to enable scrolling for the ad area iframe.
  • Area background color (useful to match your ad’s background color while the iframe loads, so it looks nicer)

Custom CSS Editor

Add as much CSS as you like to make your staging login page your own.


Save time by exporting all of your settings as a single JSON file and import it on each of your staging sites.

Download Staging Upseller for Free

Please check back occasionally for the latest update.

This plugin is meant to be portable and not prompt for updates within WordPress.

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