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Simple Navigation Bar

In this tutorial we will be creating a simple, modern navigation bar. It’s nothing fancy, it just works, and it looks modern. I’m deriving the basis of this tutorial from my full screen landing page tutorial. It’s not required, but feel free to clone the repository for that tutorial and that can be the basis for our purposes here. It would be helpful to know HTML and CSS, but it’s not necessarily required, though highly recommended. If you wish to get up to speed with Continue reading →

CSS Beginner Blocks

This course covers the fundamentals of CSS, which is the cornerstone language for front-end web development.  You will learn how to write CSS, and utilize many of the commonly used properties the language provides.  This is a follow along course in which you spice up a coffee shop website from HTML into a site that looks really neat. This is the blog post version of the PDF, which is available in our shop. Without further ado, here is “CSS Beginner Blocks”: CSS Beginner Blocks Version Continue reading →