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CSS Beginner Blocks

This course covers the fundamentals of CSS, which is the cornerstone language for front-end web development.  You will learn how to write CSS, and utilize many of the commonly used properties the language provides.  This is a follow along course in which you spice up a coffee shop website from HTML into a site that looks really neat. This is the blog post version of the PDF, which is available in our shop. Without further ado, here is “CSS Beginner Blocks”: CSS Beginner Blocks Version Continue reading →

JavaScript Beginner Blocks

Hello everyone! This course covers the fundamentals of JavaScript with easy to understand examples.  “JavaScript Beginner Blocks” is a free course with the intention that those who wish to learn the majority of knowledge needed to code JavaScript applications are able to by the end of it. I have posted this here in blog format, however there’s also a PDF version of it in our shop, where it’s also available for free! Without further ado, this is “JavaScript Beginner Blocks”: JavaScript Beginner Blocks Version 1.0 Continue reading →